Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A subtle whack

Sometimes Life decides to knock you out of your current existence. You still have the choice of where to go, what to do, and how to react, but a change must be made.

I had gotten to that point recently in Los Angeles. Between money, family, and obligations Life was telling me that Los Angeles just wasn't the place to bring the most happiness to my entire family. Life gave me a subtle whack to the head and said, "Adjustments must be made!"

So, here we are: Mercedes, Sammi, and an old, fat cat in tow heading out on the road in an overstuffed minivan. Yet even in the midst of all the chaos of packing, pitching, and planning Life still shows me why we do the things we do.

While moving boxes until my back felt like fire we discovered a little friend who needed a some help. Now before I get lectures about touching baby birds, I do have some experience in the matter. Regardless my little friend here was on the ground at the gas station next door to our building. He jumped, not flew, to the side of a small concrete building at the back of the station. Now he was trapped! I contemplated just leaving him letting "Nature take its course" but although Nature was in charge of this little buzzer I'd be damned if he was going without a fight!

I picked him up gently and brought him in the house to do a quick check. Normally small animals are nervous when a big scary hand descends on them but he just relaxed into my hand. Sammi was fascinated and asked 3.67 billion questions which I could only come up with 3.65 billion answers. Buzzer just relaxed as we tried to examine him. No broken bones. Feathers in good order. He dozed as we looked him over. It worried me he might be ill.

Of course the best place for any baby is with parents. After getting Sammi's stamp of approval we took Buzz back outside and searched for his home. A furious Mama hummingbird immediately made it obvious where Buzz should be. I held him in my outstretched palm and shook my hand gently. At first he didn't want to leave. He just wanted to relax in my hand. Finally with a few practice flaps he jumped from my palm and kicked into helicopter mode! He turned back to me. I like to imagine it was to say thank you and goodbye and then he flew up to a branch near his mother. She buzzed around him and flew off in mad dashes to bring him food. All was right again. He was safe and a parent was ecstatic.

In the noise and chaos that was our move, Life (God, the great creator, Nature, you pick) took a moment to let us experience the peace and happiness of another family. This is why we are moving. We are taking every step to increase the peace and happiness for every family within our circle of influence. Although there are little hurts for all, for my older children as we fight the distance, for Sammi missing her siblings, we will be just like Buzz and his Mama when we are together again.

Take the time to enjoy the little celebrations that Life hands to you. They're always present, no matter how rough life seems to be. If you need help finding them, ask a child. They'll show you.

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  1. You just made me cry bro... Can't wait to see you guys and have some in-person peace and happiness together! I will see you out at Kenny and Kathy's this coming weekend. You guys have a SAFE and FUN trip! Take it easy and remember more than anything that you are all loved no matter what!
    You have survived more than anyone I know! I want to tell you my little survival story that I probably never shared with you...
    Back when I had an apartment off River Des Peres all hell broke loose. I one weeks time my car broke down, a girlfriend and I broke up ( Marie ), lost my sublet roommate and friend due to a falling out we had at the job then lost my job due to losing the car, a cat attacked me and gave me 24 stitches and a staple ( Rage Syndrome ), it thought I was harming this kitten a friend was showing me. The little guy just didn't want to be held I guess. My whole family was gone visiting you out at Walter Reed (sp?) and I was all alone but so wanted to be there with you and them. All I did was sleep on this pleather sofa I had and barely eat. I was at my lowest and had contemplated stopping the pain permanently...
    What kept me striving was you, my family, Kaela and the funny irony of my two now ignored cats. Those cats ( Smokey and Pandora ) showed me so much love and slept on me or near me. One day I arrived home to them crying and started crying myself. I needed to totally hit bottom to be able to climb to the top! I love you brother and wish nothing but the TOP for you! See you soon... Lil Syd